If you own a small business, chances are that you wear many hats. From one day to the next you may have to switch from book-keeping to selling or marketing and customer service. It’s no wonder that many business owners wish there were more hours in the dayand more days in a week!




 With marketing service and support from ResourceSpaceVA you can have more hours in the day. Our team provides specialist, experienced, and highly cost-effective marketing administrative support when you need it. With our help there is no need for you to spend hours setting up your email marketing, managing your social media.

  1. You issue a variety of sales brochures. You (or VA) mail postcards using VA’s contact info as return address. VA mails appropriate brochure upon receipt of request, updating your database with name, address, date and type of brochure requested.
  2. You want to monitor customer satisfaction. VA creates customer feedback questionnaire, mails to customers, receives completed questionnaire, summarizes responses and issues you a report.
  3. VA helps you implement a marketing plan, submitting ads by deadline, tracking expiration dates, coordinating payment, and handling correspondence with advertising vendors, continually updating advertising report and/or advertising budget report for your review.
  4. You want to promote your business in the press. VA writes and submit press releases to local, national, and/or international media.

Social Media Management:.” Social media is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. Business owners see the benefits of promoting their brand and communicating via these platforms but maintaining them can be one of the main drawbacks. If you don’t have time to manage your social media channels it could be worth getting some social media marketing assistance.

Database Management: Whether it’s a slew of new business cards picked up at a conference or updated information for existing contacts, keeping databases current is a suitable task for virtual assistants. Be specific about your needs and expectations.

Data presentations: Turning raw data into a clear PowerPoint presentation or summarizing research findings in a Word document can be a huge time saver when prepping for meetings

Managing emails: To keep you from wasting time in your email inbox, some virtual assistants will filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf. Such email management is easy to do remotely, but you need to provide guidance on how to pick out key emails

and ask the assistant to copy you before sending out any responses to reduce the risk of errors.

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