4 Steps to starting a business without any startup capital


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Let’s begin this topic with an odd but simple definition of what business is.  Business is simply finding client with a problem you can solve, want’s the solution you bring, willing and able to pay for the solution so that you can make a profit from solving it.

As odd as this definition may sound, following it, gives you a business plan: 

  1. Finding a client with a problem you can solve- The Market
  2. Want’s the Solution you bring- Business model| Target Market
  3. Willing and Able to pay for the solution- Marketing strategy| Sales | Preferred Customer
  4. So, you can make a profit- Business Finance | Startup capital

If you keep these steps in the right order, and find the right client with a problem that you can solve, to meet the other 3 criteria,  then,  you have the start of a business without any startup capital.

In summary, start where you are and with persistence you can build your dream business.


Find these short tips helpful? kindly throw in a few more lines, on more ways an entrepreneur could start a business with NO START UP CAPITAL

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