5 Email habits that will save you an hour per day!



According to market research conducted by RADICATI, more than 116 billion business-related emails are sent every day! That equates to an average of almost 120 emails sent/received daily by each business user, and that can take at least 2hours of your productive time!

But then, these 5 email habits will help you tackle all those emails; offering resources and tips to manage your inbox in less time so that you can close more deals and expand your business:

  1. Do not refresh or check for new messages, or have email opened all the time

It will kill your productivity. Establish specific hours for doing emails of different types. Read the inbox zero post for pointers on how to start.

  1. Master CC and BCC

Don’t CC people unnecessarily and ask not to be CC-ed when you don’t need to be. This particularly applies to CEOs, as they tend to want to be in the loop on everything, and it can be overwhelming. You master BCC by quickly moving people who don’t need to be on the thread (like someone who just introduced you). Teach other folks to move you to BCC appropriately as well. Same for reply all.

  1. Use your email signature wisely

Put in information that’s relevant and avoid logos and images. They feel heavy and get filtered.

  1. Master the art of the short email

Two to three sentences or paragraphs max! Check how it looks on mobile. If you scroll a lot, it’s too long. Use the least number of words possible and iterate on the emails before sending them out.

  1. Be thoughtful

Do not copy and paste. It is better to send fewer emails that are thoughtful than mottled messages.

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