5 Traits Of Mr Buster Moon Every Entrepreneur Should Have!


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My younger brother has a knack for choosing just the right kind of movies. So the next time I had the opportunity of visiting him – I asked for his latest collection. It was a choice between THE ACCOUNTANT and SING (an animated movie) – I chose ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’, because it sounded more entrepreneurial (you know what I mean!). He insisted that I go for SING- so I went with his great insight for the right kind of movies, and was eventually glad I did?!

SING, an animated movie with a storyline centred on Mr. Buster Moon; his theatre, the singing competition and the competitors is an Entrepreneurs’ delight. I could easily identify with five traits exhibited by Mr Buster Moon, which every entrepreneur should have:


Moon’s passion for his theatre was intense- he looked far beyond the trials and limitations; focusing more on the delight the theatre brought everyone who loved Theatre Entertainment. That perhaps was his strongest driving point – of course inspired by the joy of eventual financial success. I believe his unrivalled passion was seen by his dad who used his 30years savings from his car wash venture to secure his son’s PASSION!


How else can you describe firmness of purpose, strong-mindedness, resilience, fearlessness, valour, endurance? I picked Fortitude for the next entrepreneurial trait displayed by Moon. This trait keeps you going even when it seems you’ve tried all you’ve known – yet no breakthroughs but more challenges. It can be daunting, yet this is a trait great entrepreneurs have and common amongst those who eventually excel.


Laughable as it were- especially when Moon was faced with power cut and had to take illegal routes to get his theatre ready for Nana Noodleman’s visit (by the way, pitching Nana was no cookies at all!), you couldn’t take that tenacity for granted. Did it cost him? Oh sure! but his tenacity paid off, especially with a rub off on his contestants – who eventually came pulling him up when it mattered most.


You see a lot of entrepreneurs actually lose their cool and self control at the slightest provocation- words at that moment isn’t always memorable! Not Mr. Moon – maintained his cool, could have fired his assistant several time – but not Moon. Congeniality was a natural with him- and that is a sure envious trait- that ensures you keep friendships and loyalty that pays back when you need it the most.


Well this sums it all up! Moon displayed the inherent ability to motivate, influence and lead people towards a common goal – The singing competition. From Moons creativity to his coordinating and delegating abilities plus his great collaborative attitude – he demonstrated excellent leadership.

Watch the animated movie- SING, and share with others the traits you identified that every entrepreneur should have or develop.


Blog Contributor: Ikwo Oka




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