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As a fledgling start-up, keeping overheads to a minimum is of valuable importance. When you’re not yet sure of the long-term viability of your business the last thing you want is to commit to a ‘brick and mortar’ traditional office space; but then you want to demonstrate professionalism and high standards from the word go.

Instead of working from home as a team of one or even more, co-working in Lagos gives you the opportunity to be part of a community of compatible entrepreneurs, fostering levels of productivity, innovation and inspiration that simply wouldn’t be possible working from home in your designed room space!

Still not convinced? Well here are seven (7) reasons (a reason per day!) why Lagos newest band of start-ups, freelancers and self-employed professionals should consider The Resource Space for their business base:

IMG_7010     1. You get a reason to leave home

If you want to get work done and meet your targets, it is important that you remove every form of distraction. A co-working space gives you a reason to leave home with all distractions from family members and temptations from the fridge and TV!

  1. Great networking opportunity

In a co-working space, networking is a constant activity, and a way of life. Regular interactions lead to building of trust and relationships; sharing knowledge, collaborating on projects, and even the random conversations when you bump into each other can bring new and valuable connections.

  1. Big savings on office cost

With co-working you run your startup in a cost efficient way and make savings from: No utility bills; No dealing with service providers and repairs. The best part of the savings you make is actually getting to free your cash flow from long term office lease to meet your direct business cost!

  1. Great way of boosting creativity and work productivity.

Our routine and the way our workspace is designed, affect our creativity. You can quickly burn out if you’re always at home. Working from a beautiful and modern place can boost your creative thinking and co-working space tend to pay special attention to design and aesthetics; paint colour, decor, furniture and lighting are all essential in stimulating our minds and catalyzing a creative mindset; that in turn boost productivity

5. Improve work life balance

One of the biggest drawbacks of segregating yourself in a private office is that you miss out on social interactions. With co-working you work in a professional environment (get out of your home and your pyjamas), get a professional working routine with your own schedule, work by yourself, and not in isolation.

  1. Demonstrate Professionalism

Many home workers are self-employed and should be concerned about the image they project to clients and associates. Using a home address for the business doesn’t look very professional, and many co-working facilities allow members to use the firm’s address and meeting rooms for their business. This presents a much better image to bring an associate to a co-working facility for a business meeting than to have them drop by your house.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability

This is a constant with co-working. Due to the social nature of co-working, it changes, adapts and improves constantly to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Even in the recent years since the rise of co-working’s popularity, massive innovations and improvements have been made in how spaces support their members; while at the same time, rental offices have remained almost unchanged.

The wonderful thing about co-working is that it can be designed to complement many work styles; part time or full time, open or private; it can all happen in a co-working space. If you haven’t experienced co-working yet, it’s about time you visited Theresourcespace  and try it out!

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