By taking care of the administrative and resourceful services that may take up unwanted time during your busy day, we aim to be an extension of your office so the time spent on your business is more productive. If you’re looking for quality solutions to your administrative needs we can help! Whether you need assistance on a per project basis, or a dedicated set of hours each month, you can count on us to be there for your business! We utilise flexible billing option; actual time spent completing task (ATSCT) with no overhead charges.
Choose from our service mix:

  1. Data Management (Data Entry & Mining)
  2. Accounting & Book-keeping
  3. Marketing
  4. Report & Proposal Writing
  5. Word Processing
  6. Travel Planning
  7. Email/Calendar Management
  8. Desk Reviews & Research
  9. Web Development
  10. Desktop Publishing

We work with a diverse customer base.