Three Ways to Market at NO COST!


3 ways
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In the very beginning, the best way to tap into the market at no cost is by developing relationships with potential clients, customers or referral partners. Even with little business development skills, you can do this in three simple ways:

  • Tap into your existing network: send everyone you know who may be able to connect you to your target audience with a friendly email or note, letting them know what you’re up to, who you are looking to help, and the problem you are solving. Make it super easy for them by offering to write the introduction email for them. I just sold 100 units of my product using this age-old way – word of mouth with my existing network!
  • Talk to people who are Influencers and can help put a word out for you : You may have a friend who knows a friend or close associate or even a family member who by just saying something nice about your product or service could help swing the tide in your favor. I know this consultant who met an influencer figure at a public area, and got an endorsement that saw him getting orders for his products in less than 24hours!
  • Show up where your audience is hanging out:  Find where your audience is hanging out online and position yourself as the expert by answering questions and providing great advice and resources. Basically, be a resource, and a consistent one at that.

With these three simple ways, you are sure to make a remarkable start in your marketing journey. If you find these tips useful, kindly send us your experiences and comments, on what other simple ways to market at NO COST.

Blog Contributor: Ikwo Oka

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