Word Processing

  1. You take notes at meetings and need them typed. You mail or fax notes to VA, who types them and e-mails them back.
  2. You need to send a series of letters. You fax handwritten drafts or dictate over the phone to VA, who types letters, faxes or e-mails them to you for approval, prints them on your stationery, and mails them.
  3. You need a manual typed. You mail compilation of old documents with handwritten corrections to VA, who consolidates them, types them up and e-mails to you.
  4. You need a PowerPoint presentation for a seminar. You scan or fax sketches of diagrams and charts to the VA, who prepares the PowerPoint slides and sends the document to back via e-mail or arranges for someone to show the slide show at your event.

Writing, Editing & Proofreading

You’re preparing a brochure, website or manual and need assistance with copy. VA creates, edits, formats and/or proofreads drafts as you go along.

VA helps you implement a marketing plan, submitting ads by deadline, tracking expiration dates, coordinating payment, and handling correspondence with advertising vendors, continually updating advertising report and/or advertising budget report for your review.

Looking to create a presentation?  We will take your content and leave you with a presentation that looks sleek and professional.  Presentations can either be created to your own specification or you can ask us to suggest an appropriate draft format.