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Four reasons why you should consider using a virtual office as a startup.

As a startup you need all the finances to get your business off the ground and running. The most important being  SALES! SALES! SALES! Which you can only get from CLIENTS!CLIENTS!CLIENTS! So pushing your lean finance into renting and maintaining a space (sometimes too large for you!) is cutting back on achieving your business objectives. A virtual office presents you that option and convenience to starting out focused, and here are four reasons for settling for a  virtual office option rather than spending on a traditional office space:

  1. Technology has made life easier!

Its now easier building a global presence online without physical contacts. From using mobile apps to different software ;building a social media presence- life has been made easier!

  1. You can maintain professionalism

You can work from home yet maintain professionalism; giving your business name an office address would give a more professional feel than it would if you were to have your home listed as the recipient of correspondences.

  1. Low Operational Cost

Save Money! Let’s face it, fixed offices are expensive.  Rent, utilities, office manager, etc.  If you need it, great! But that can be a lot of money to spend if you only sometimes need it, plus it’s important as a startup to keep your cost of operations low (as much as you can)

  1. You can always get a place to Meet

When meeting clients too, there’s the possibility of meeting room hire; you wouldn’t expect a formal business meeting to be conducted in someone’s flat or a coffee shop! That will simply be telling your client- you know what? Im not ready for this job!

So, for your startup which would you rather go with? a virtual office or traditional office plan?

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